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Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

Haere mai ki a Tupi

Kia ora and welcome to Tupi, a software company based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our unique approach to management is inspired by Māori values and philosophies that we strive to embody. We are dedicated to bridging the digital gap and making online experiences more accessible and secure for everyone.At Tupi, we have developed an innovative service that seamlessly links Brazilian PIX banking details with online accounts, allowing users to effortlessly verify their identities when signing up for online platforms. By simplifying and enhancing the verification process, we aim to promote trust, security, and ease of use in an increasingly digital world.The name "Tupi" holds special significance for our company as it represents the shared cultural meanings between Māori and Brazilian heritage. In Māori, "Tipu" signifies growth and development, while in Brazilian culture, "Tupi" refers to a group of indigenous people known for their resourcefulness and adaptability. By blending these two powerful concepts, Tupi embodies the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and resilience that drives our company forward.As we continue to grow and evolve, Tupi remains committed to providing exceptional services that empower individuals and businesses alike to navigate the digital world with confidence and ease. Nau mai, haere mai – join us on our journey towards a more connected and secure future.

Kāri Koha (Gift Cards)

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Kava Powder

Tupi are proud to announce we are Ōtautahi's first stockist of Kava Society's kava powder!Kava is an ancient plant and a traditional drink of peace from the islands of the South Pacific. Kava has been consumed for social, cultural, medicinal and political reasons for millennia.Kava is regulated as a food product in New Zealand (and across the Pacific).

Kāri Kava

Buying a gift for someone, and not sure what type of kava they want?Get a Tupi kāri kava!

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Fijian Kava

"Stocking the first of our Four Shells branded kava, Fijian kava/grog is a great addition to the Kava Society kava from Vanuatu which we have always stocked.""We sampled many different kavas from Fiji and finally found a trustworthy supplier who guarantees clean, strong kava made from mature plants. No stems, no leaves, and pure roots only. A popular blend of Fijian cultivars that will relax your body."

Tongan Kava

"Stocking the second of our Four Shells branded kava, the Leka Hina is a Tongan kava variety. The Kava Kula is a great addition to the Fijian and Vanuatu kava we stock.""This prized Tongan cultivar is strong and heady, yet calming throughout the body. It has a clean taste that isn't overpowering, making it easy to drink.""We have meticulously sourced this Tongan kava from a trustworthy supplier. No stems, no leaves, and pure roots only."